With the goal of offering the best service and quality, and thanks to our many years of teaching foreign languages, we have designed several different programs, each one marked with our distinguishing feature: personalized, quality service. Student satisfaction is our first priority, we want them to have the opportunity to learn, enjoy, and immerse themselves in the language and culture they are studying, while having unique experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives. With that in mind, each year we strive to create programs in line with the needs of the modern world and are careful to listen to the clients who have put their faith in Ancar Activities year after year.

Language courses abroad

We offer a variety of courses, from cultural exchange weeks, where students receive their first opportunity to experience a foreign country and culture, to trimesters, semesters, and full-year programs of study abroad, where students are able to enroll in a foreign Primary or High school for a full immersion experience.
We also have summer programs, where, accompanied by a guide from Ancar, students take classes in the morning and participate in cultural activities in the afternoon, all the while in close contact with highly qualified native teachers and staff.

We also offer the option of personalized programs, for example, the opportunity to stay in the home of a foreign-language teacher, programs for families, programs with a sports component (football, basketball, tennis), and a number of other options, depending on our clients’ needs.