Immersion Weeks

These short-duration language immersions are oriented towards school groups interested in their first contact with a foreign country. Students can use what they have learned in class and will realize that they are able to communicate, understand, and be understood. It’s an amazing experience! In addition, students will experience the traditions of another country (not better or worse, just different) and learn independence by taking care of themselves and solving problems without their parents being there to help.


Primary and upper schools throughour Spain entrust their students (and their teachers) to us, year after year, in these short stays abroad (four days minimum), which are so much more than just a school trip.
These groups go abroad with the knowledge that the best place to put into practice the language they have been studying is to use in its native context.
In addition, the experience gives them the opportunity to have a first contact with the culture and traditions of another country, by staying with a host family. These programs are oriented towards students in the final years of primary or in secondary school.

Program options:

  • Cultural

Within this program, students spend each day visiting culturally important sites. According to the group’s wishes, the program also offers: a chaperone from Ancar to accompany the group, tours by professional, native tourguides, housing in a student residence/hotel or host family with meals provided, museum passes, attractions, daily transportation, and more.

  • With classes at a language school (the option of classes together with native students varies by location)

This option in general is associated with social and cultural activities to become more familiar with the foreign country. Students will attend carefully-chosen language schools, taking classes with a special emphasis on improving their listening and speaking abilities. The Spanish group is able to customize these courses to some extent, or request specific content (for example, classes about film, cooking, etc.). Groups will also be able to choose many of the same cultural experiences described in that program.

  • Full Immersion in primary or secondary schools in France, Ireland, or the UK, following their course of studies.

If students are looking for full immersion, we offer such programs in primary and high schools for a minimum duration of 7 days, in which students will experience life in a French, Irish, or English school. Students sit in on the same classes taken by native students for that week. In addition, many students will choose to add extracurricular social or cultural activities, as described in the other programs.

  • Classes in theater or speech in Ireland and the UK

We are excited to offer a new program: theater or speech classes, taught by professional actors who will help students overcome their fear of public speaking, while learning to use oral expression as well as body language in a convincing form, while having fun and relaxing. And… acting!


We offer standard programs which will be appropriate for the majority of schools, but at the same time, we are happy to adapt our plans to the needs and specifications of each school. Get in touch with us and let us advise you.

If your school is interested in one of our programs in a specific country, please fill out the form linked below, and our team will contact you to discuss your needs and put together a customized program of studies.