Personalized Courses

If you haven’t found what you are looking for anywhere else… ask us! We can help. Choose your destination, your program, and make your dream come true. Learn a language the way you want, no one-size-fits-all program. You choose, we will find it for you!

Continue reading to find out about some of the programs we offer:

1 to 1 – 4 to 1. Programs with a native teacher as host family.

1 to 1. Live in the house of a native teacher. You’ll learn without even realizing it, just by doing basic daily activities, cooking, going shopping… It’s an “intensive” program, but with no stress.

4 to 1. Take classes with three other students at the teacher’s house and afterwards go all together for cultural excursions. It’s an intensive program which allows very rapid advances in foreign-language learning.

We will take care of organizing everything, you can just worry about learning and enjoying the experience. If you want more information, don’t hestitate to contact us. You can choose the time of year you want, the destination, how long you will study…

Immersion with a host family

Through this program, you will live together with a native family, for as long as you want, learning the language naturally as you are there. It’s the best way to get away from the formality of the classroom and get an idea of how language is used coloquially. For a while, you will be part of a native family, making a big stride forward in your goal of being bilingual.

This program is best for sharpening your language skills, especially listening and speaking, when you no longer need to go over points of grammar.

We will take care of lodging, flights, transfers to and from the airport, and of course ensure that the immersion is an unforgettable experience.

Family Programs

The best way to combine a family vacation with language learning.


  • The children participate in a program of classes and activities while their parents can choose separately whether to take classes as well or enjoy a vacation abroad.
  • Parents take an English course while their children attend a summer camp together with native children. At the camp, instead of taking formal classes, children will be able to practice their English in the normal course of their activities.

According to the needs of each family, we offer different options: private apartments, student residences, host families, or hotels. We always ensure that clients are well cared-for and comfortable. All the housing choices are carefully selected to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction.


  • Dates: Summer (July and August). For other dates, contact us.
  • Lodging: apartments, residences, host families, hotels.
  • English for children
  • Daily activities for children.
  • General English for adults (look at the details of our other courses for adults)
  • All of the language courses include:
    • Entrance test to assess skills.
    • Classes organized by age and ability.
    • Study materials (not including textbooks).
    • Certificates of attendance.
  • Social and cultural programs for parents and children
  • Twenty-four hour service for emergencies.