Have you thought about how to improve your language abilities this summer vacation? Take advantage of the break to learn while at the same time enjoying a unique experience. You’ll meet students from other countries, make foreign friends, and, depending on the destination, will mix with native students as well. These are our offerings for groups this year: York (city), York County, Devon, and Dublin. Choose between UK or Ireland. Depart from Zaragoza with our group leaders and let your parents have a worry-free experience. Programs last for two weeks or more in July.

Our groups will travel either from Zaragoza airport, if going to the United Kingdom, or from Madrid, if studying in Ireland.
An Ancar chaperone will accompany the group from the time they leave home and will be available throughout the entire program, 24 hours a day.
Students stay with host families, who are carefully chosen to help the students achieve greater immersion, not only linguistic but also cultural. Our students, in addition to improving their English and being immersed in the language, also achieve greater independence and maturity because of the experience.
Program prices will include the cost of classes, flights, transportation within the program, housing with host families with meals provided, and insurance.


(Limited availability)

  • Basic package
    York. Condado de York


  • Silver package


  • Premium package


We offer a variety of programs in order to meet the needs of all our clients. Some of our many options include: Ireland or the United Kingdom, two- or three-week programs, programs for students from 9 to 18 years old, staying in families with a friend or in a family with just one Spanish student per household, classes with international students and activities with natives.

Our programs are carefully chosen to satisfy all our clients, from the youngest for whom it will be the first time away from home, to those with many experiences abroad, including many who take our courses year after year, each time with a new focus and becoming even more fully immersed.

All of our destinations must meet the highest quality standards. We carefully work out all the details. From our group leaders, who look after the well-being of the students, to the language schools, the host families, the extracurricular activities… our goal is the satisfaction of all of our students and their families, and we are commited to the quality of our programs.